I have been participating in a number of fundamental and applied research projects, both as team member and project leader. Most of my research involves international comparative studies in western European cities, but increasingly also in the USA, Asia and Latin America. The titles of those projects are:

  • “The geography of smart city innovation” (CEGOT, Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology), 2015-2017.
  • “Open data in cities” (Euricur; City of Helsinki), 2015
  • “Urban Leadership and Urban Leaders” (Euricur; PwC), 2014-2015
  • “Energy transitions in cities: lifestyle, experimentation and change” (Euricur, Enel Foundation; case studies carried out in Stockholm, Turin, Shanghai, Berlin, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro and Santiago de Chile), 2012-2014
  • “iUrban: Innovative urban development strategies for sustainable competitiveness” (Euricur, IHS, PwC), 2012-2014
  • “A world of events: how can cities anchor the advantage?” (Euricur, Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies – IHS; case studies carried out in Incheon, Shanghai, Rotterdam, Helsinki, Dublin and Rio de Janeiro, 2010-1012
  • “Anchorage, sustainability and localization of innovation: towards new forms of territorialisation of economic activities? (ASELInn)” (GREMI-T), 2010-2012
  • “Developing Locations for the Knowledge Economy” (Euricur; case studies carried out in Helsinki, Eindhoven, Munich, Dublin, San Sebastian and Incheon), 2009-2011
  • “EURODITE – Regional Trajectories to the Knowledge Economy” (Integrated project funded by the EU under priority 7 (Citizens and Governance), FP6, 2005-2008
  • “Transport, Environment and Economy at the Urban Level: the need for decoupling” (Euricur, City of Rotterdam), 2007-2008.
  • “The future of manufacturing in the knowledge based urban economy” (Euricur; case studies carried out in Shanghai, Paris, Munich, Dortmund, Ostrava, Porto, São Paulo, Rotterdam and Turku, 2006-2008