Dr. Luís Carvalho (PhD, Erasmus University Rotterdam) is currently Senior Researcher at the Centre of Studies in Geography and Spatial Planning (CEGOT, University of Porto). He is also Visiting Fellow at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) and member of the executive board of Euricur, the European Institute for Comparative Urban Research (EURICUR). Besides conducting scientific research and education activities, Luis Carvalho frequently engages with policymakers on local economic development issues and strategic planning affairs.

Research profile: Luís Carvalho is interested in the long-term economic development of cities and regions. Within this broad field, his work primarily addresses i) the socio-spatial dynamics of knowledge and innovation, ii) the relations between transnational business networks and regional development and iii) the roles played by urban and regional policies on those processes. Luís has been exploring these issues through the lens of institutional-evolutionary frameworks, using comparative case study methodologies. Current research topics focus on:

  • The geography of “smart city” innovation;
  • Open data-driven and civic innovation in cities;
  • The role of cities in socio-technical transitions;
  • The creation of new growth paths in peripheral regions;
  • The development of innovation districts in cities and regions.

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